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October, 2015 Freedom of Information Act harvest:

Township Manager Howard Fink's 2013 Employment Contract      Fink's Contract extension in Minutes of 2014 Board Meeting

The Cobalt Survey contract.   [LiveMinutes of the Board meeting where this was discussed and approved are coming soon.]

Planning Consultant Carlisle-Wortmann's invoices for its work on the Biltmore Master-Plan Rewrite request

Planning Consultant Beckett & Raeder's contract.   The Beckett & Raeder Fee Schedule presented at July 14, 2015 Meeting.  This or a similar fee schedule was referenced in the Beckett & Raeder contract returned by the FOIA.  For reasons unknown to us, the fee schedule was not included in the FOIA data provided by the Township. 

[Revised November 3, 2015:    These pdfs are cleaner and smaller.]

In August, 2014, Attorney Susan Shink served Northfield Township with the following FOIA requests:

The resulting flood of documents comprised several reams of paper.  The most interesting documents are the subject of other articles under the FOIA heading.

Page 1:

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Our Township Manager has been a very busy man.  Months before news of Biltmore's intentions became public, Howard Fink had inserted himself into the dealmaking, greasing the skids for Biltmore to remake Northfield Township in the image of Canton - and the land speculators who would abandon us to that fate.  All was predicated on the promise of abandoning our Township Master Plan.

Who authorized Howard Fink to ignore the Master Plan and when?


The following correspondence, which documents Howard's industry, was uncovered by Attorney Susan Shink's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.