The Nine Biltmore Parcels

The Nine Biltmore-optioned Parcels


- from Lizzy Alfs's article on Biltmore's attempted bulldozing of Northfield Township's Master Plan.

`“It’s pretty clear this proposal flies right in the face and is directly opposed to what our master plan says,” said former Township Trustee Ed Wojtys.

Wojtys said the township had a diligent, years-long planning process before it adopted its latest master plan in 2012. If the township wants to amend the master plan for Biltmore’s development, he would like to see a similar approach used.

“If you take your master plan and set it aside quickly and don’t use a good evaluation process, then what you may be doing is setting a precedent for every other development proposal that comes to your township. …It’s true that sometimes master plans need to be changed. When that happens, we should go through the same process of making changes,” he said.'

"We worked hard as a community to create a thoughtful master plan based on much community input and planning fairs.” - a former Northfield Township Planning Commissioner.

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Download the June 4th Planning Commission packet and Biltmore Presentation (pdf) here.

Watch or listen to the June 4th Planning Commission meeting here.