12/15/2016   Same Song, Different Verse: Ann Arbor and the City Income Tax, by Vivienne Armentrout, Local in Ann Arbor 

2/17/2011   Ann Arbor’s Budget: The Case for a City Income Tax, Part 3, by Vivienne Armentrout, Local in Ann Arbor

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5/27/2021   2 Troy residents lose $143K to Publishers Clearing House scam, by Cassidy Johncox, ClickOn Detroit

According to the con artist, a lump sum windfall of more than $2.6 million was theirs -- but only if they paid $129,000 in state and local taxes first.


Between March 24 and April 16, the two suckers /pigeons /marks were instructed to send lottery claim forms and money to various addresses in Texas, Oklahoma and New York. In total, the victims sent $143,955 to the scammer.   The victims were also instructed to avoid using their computer or telling anyone about their sudden fortune, to prevent  scary "cyber attacks" leading to loss of their money.


Only after the post office deemed the latest shipment of money to be suspicious and held onto the shipment did the victims learn that they were being scammed 

2/25/2021   Property tax increases aim to boost affordable housing inventories, by Haisten Willis, The Washington Post

Now Hall, chair of the board of commissioners in Kalamazoo County, Mich., has helped her county approve a millage hike that will help fund housing for hundreds in her community. One hundred miles to the east, voters in the city of Ann Arbor approved a similar millage hike, making the pair among the few local governments nationally to fund affordable housing through property taxes.


Ann Arbor’s millage is expected to create about 3,000 units of affordable housing and will last through 2041. An affluent city, home to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor’s millage benefits those earning up to 60 percent of area median income, which is $42,540 for a one-person household and $48,600 for a two-person household.

12/30/2020   Cities pressure Michigan lawmakers for help as budgets shortages could exceed $250 million, by Jack Nissen, FOX2/Detroit

Officials with the Michigan Municipal League estimated the state's 24 cities that collect income tax on businesses and individuals would miss out on hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

The MML and its members are lobby the Michigan legislature to allow cities to collect income taxes "as if COVID-19 did not happen and employees were working from their normal places of business."

12/1/2020   Michigan cities ask legislators to ensure non-residents pay taxes, by David Eggert, ClickOnDetroit

The Michigan Municipal League also requested that the Republican-led Senate and House let public bodies meet virtually beyond Dec. 31 and tackle “unintended interactions" between a tax-limiting state constitutional amendment — known as Headlee — and Proposal A, a 1994 overhaul of the tax and school-finance systems. Mayors warned that COVID-19 is permanently closing businesses and reducing occupancy for retail and office space, which could reduce property values and result in cuts to tax revenue.

9/20/2020   Increased remote work could bring income tax revenue hit for Detroit and other Cities, Crains Detroit Business

6/1/2020   How Work From Home Orders Affect Lansing, East Lansing Income Taxes, by Scott Pohl, WKAR, MSU

5/20/2019   See which Michigan cities have a local income tax as two more consider the idea, by Lauren Gibbons, MLive

1/19/2019   Ann Arbor officials resuming city income tax talks, by Ryan Stanton, MLive

City income tax proposals have been twice rejected by Ann Arbor voters. In 1969, 61 percent were against the idea. In 1972, 59 percent were against it.

One of the reasons for a lack of support for a city income tax over the years is that a large percentage of Ann Arbor residents are renters.  

11/3/2017   East Lansing residents to vote on city income tax, by Doug Tribou, WUOM FM

9/16/2017   Ann Arbor Considering City Income Tax, Blames State, But City is collecting and spending more, not less, CapCon [Alt Right AgitProp]

8/18/2017   Initial thoughts on an Ann Arbor income tax, Damn Arbor


10/31/1969   Anti-Income Tax Group Cites "uncertainties", by John Feldip, The Ann Arbor News

7/21/1968  Study Group Urges City Income Tax, 1971 Adoption Suggested, by Ron Cordray (City Government Reporter) The Ann Arbor News


City of Ann Arbor Income Tax Feasibility FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Michigan Cities impose an income tax?

I live in ann arbor, do i need city tax or not? it is not in the list and do i need to select detroit?

24 Michigan Cities That Make You Pay Income Tax


Property Tax Guidance from Washtenaw County Treasurer Catherine McClary

  • Delinquent Tax Timeline
  • Poverty Exemption Guidelines
  • Hardship Extension Application
  • Assessment Appeal Brochure 
  • Resources
  • Poverty Exemptions  Michigan law (MCL 211.7u) provides for a reduction in property taxes for eligible, low-income homeowners. Every city and township must offer an application process and set eligibility requirements that are no more restrictive than the federal poverty guidelines.  Applications must be filed annually at the March, July, or December Boards of Review. Contact your local city or township assessor for specific dates. You must submit a copy of your recently filed income tax returns with your application. Free income tax assistance is available for qualifying households.

Ann Arbor City poverty exemption Guidelines and Application

Northfield Twp poverty exemption Guidelines and Application



Income Tax Assistance