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03:30 Motion to open public hearing 1. Preliminary Planned Unit Development (PUD) Application - Chestnut Development Public Comments
04:20 Mary Devlin
06:20 John Zarzecki
08:52 Rachel Price
10:38 David Gordon
13:53 Gordon: cut off
14:23 Sue Shink
16:30 David Gordon
18:25 Angelina Robataro (SPELLING???)
21:20 Francine Dolins
24:46 Suzy Weinckowski
27:50 James D'Amour, former planning commissioner of Ann Arbor
31:18 Karen Alexa
34:24 Julie Franzenmay
37:30 Adam Olney "I may be out of turn but I'm sure it's acceptable." "These people weren't squawking about it then" "Concerns of shopping? Where do you want people to go downtown and shop at? We have Pollys. I highly doubt any of you do your weekly grocery shopping at Pollys. Why would you expect these people to? ... "
40:18 Joanne Pierson
42:30 Last Call for "Northfield's nattering nabobs of negativism" 
44:05 Dana Forrester "Reading 300 pages in three days [isn't] that much of a hardship."
45:50 Jean (no surname) this would actually fit better in the Pat Kelley farm, speaks about deferred maintenance of roads now and 10-20 years down the road, infrastructure, better locations closer to the hamlet area
48:05 Jim Rowell, Livingston County Building official
49:55 Joe Jeffries, Pastor of 1st Congregational Church, Chelsea. "Chestnut would be a beacon of hope and love and light."
52:22 Laura Schwennesen "I don't know; you don't know; we don't know." (WL School Board Treasurer, glib, articulate, facile, an attorney)
55:30 Christian Bugeja, Sales Manager, Chestnut Real Estate "Livingston County absorption rate: 4 weeks" Healthy market is 6 months worth of inventory 
58:20 Livingston County Sheriff Mike Murphy
1:00:35 LJ Walter
1:03:35 Aubrey Laurain, Realtor: Chestnut Real Estate
1:04:45 Brent LeVanway, Vice President, BOSS Engineering, representing Chestnut
1:07:50 James Trunko
1:10:09 Craig Warburton
1:13:55 Mark Stanalaczo riffs with his personal grab bag of cultivated grievance and cheap tropes, his usual sneering and self conciously resigned contempt, mutterings, mangled metaphors, and half digested William Safire. Stanalaczo's is the purity of confirmation bias. Those who disagree with Mark are dismissed as "casts of characters," interlopers among the shadows on the carbon footprint sooted cave walls of conservative self absorption. We're spewers of "scripted type negativism." We're "negative naysayers." He primps: "I learned the hard way." He caps his bigfooting down memory lane by shaming Northfield Township for winning the lawsuit against Grand Sakwa.
1:16:36 Heather Vandecar, Community Manager, Chestnut Crossing
1:19:45 Public Hearing closed
1:20:30 5 Minute Recess ends @ 8:26pm
1:27:40 Meeting resumes
OLD BUSINESS 1. Consider Preliminary Planned Unit Development (PUD) Application - Chestnut Development.
1:28:50 Motion by Dignan re Chestnut PUD 77.8 acres, ~269 units

1] Justification: the requested zoning change is justified by an increased demand for accessible housing
2] Precedents: the failure to follow our master plan may set precedents
3] Capacity: the township has sufficient capacity to provide township services such as police, fire, and sewer facilities
4] PUD harmony: the PUD is in harmony with the master plan's future land use map

1] there shall be strong paved pedestrian connections provided throughout the site and along whitmore lake road
2] there shall be a 100 foot buffer around the perimeter of the parcel ( a literal no man's land. brilliant )
3] the applicant resolve the issues identified in the OHM and McKenna reports
4] the applicant obtain permitting and approval from the agencies defined on page 2 of the OHM report referenced above

1:30:52 Support by Otto
1:31:00 Muchow suggests that if this motion fails the subject should be sent back to the PC
1:31:25 Chick's friendly amendment dictates landscaping with red maples, oak, and the environmental time bomb of ornamentals, the apotheosis of superficial utiity and conformity, the brutally adapted, invasive ecological marauder called the bradford pear.
1:33:44 Planner Jackson
1:35:52 Chick's amendment passes
1:36:11 Zelenock: affordable?
1:41:53 Dignan claims that two people with $15/hour incomes, $31,500/year each, could rent these places, that they meet definitions of affordable, accessible, barrier free housing, hinting at the original intent: retirement housing. Later Dignan flip flops, reverting to the glowy eyed fictioning we all know and love, characterizing the development as "high end."
1:45:51 Chick
1:49:08 Otto monotones two canned 'splainations
1:51:50 Josh "young elected official" Nelson
1:55:00 Muchow "Every one of us ran on supporting the Master Plan"
1:58:00 Planner  Mixed use issue
1:59:48 Manley
2:01:20 Chick
2:01:55 Planner Jackson "PUDs have no underlying zoning." That's the magic
2:03:35 Dignan
2:04:00 Planner Jackson schools Dignan on PUD districts vs zoning
2:05:25 Otto schools Dignan: "PUD circumvents zoning"
2:06:35 Manley
2:07:15 Otto: "You're going against our laws"
2:07:53 Planner Jackson: objections are arbitrary and capricious
2:08:30 Muchow The master plan's not worth the paper it's written on
2:09:20 Dignan
2:10:17 Zelenock: "I agree with Mr. Muchow. Give me the houses." "I did speak with Teresa [Gillotti?] who handles the affordable housing for Washtenaw County and she did indicate "it's not affordable."
Dignan "I'd like to know what she bases that on."
2:12:12 Chick conjures up spectre of "slippery slope"
2:12:50 Manley
2:13:35 Chick "I just wanna ask..."
2:14:00 Josh "What is the point of the master plan?" "I'm not seeing how the master plan fits into this at all."
2:14:50 Planner Jackson: yuppies and empty nesters. density: page 54
2:16:24 Manley calls the roll
2:16:55 Motion carries.
2:16:56 ANNOUNCEMENTS [None]
Last Call to the public:
2:17:50 Mary Devlin
2:20:30 David Gordon: "Tonight you cast aside the master plan."
2:24:00 Chick
2:24:43 Zelenock
2:26:00 Otto
2:27:40 Muchow "I'm surprised about the master plan."
2:28:33 Manley "We were also called elitist and I was personally offended by that"
2:29:18 Josh
2:30:25 Dignan "the innovation" was the PUD."
2:32:38 Motion to Adjourn passes, stream ends at 9:33:16 pm