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October, 2015 Freedom of Information Act harvest:

Township Manager Howard Fink's 2013 Employment Contract      Fink's Contract extension in Minutes of 2014 Board Meeting

The Cobalt Survey contract.   [LiveMinutes of the Board meeting where this was discussed and approved are coming soon.]

Planning Consultant Carlisle-Wortmann's invoices for its work on the Biltmore Master-Plan Rewrite request

Planning Consultant Beckett & Raeder's contract.   The Beckett & Raeder Fee Schedule presented at July 14, 2015 Meeting.  This or a similar fee schedule was referenced in the Beckett & Raeder contract returned by the FOIA.  For reasons unknown to us, the fee schedule was not included in the FOIA data provided by the Township. 

[Revised November 3, 2015:    These pdfs are cleaner and smaller.]