Peoples Express vehicle

"The contract signed with People's Express feels like pennies when you take into consideration all they do," said Green Oak Township Supervisor Mark St. Charles.  "It really shines when it comes to helping people who are on their own and don’t have a relative or friend to get them to work or a medical appointment." - WHMI

"A representative for the People’s Express told the Green Oak Township Board of Trustees that ridership has increased 5-7% over the last years. This is largely due to recently adding service to Providence Park Hospital in Novi. St. Charles made a comparison to the rise in ridership being proportional to the population in the township growing older. He said it’s an important service they can offer."

In stark contrast, the People's Express agreement with Northfield Township was turned into a political football by Township Clerk Westover at the July 12th, 2016 Board meeting.  Westover said she was offended by the fact that the People's Express representative, candidate for Township Treasurer Lenore Zelenock, had expressed a negative opinion about Northfield Township's financial decisionmaking.

At the July 26th Board workshop, Trustee Jackie Otto was the lone defender of People's Express.  Chick supported her.  Braun objected to paying $15,000/year.  Fink explained to Braun that the terms were the same $10,000/year terms as the 2016 contract.  Dockett related his personal experiences and said the Township should just pay someone $10,000 for the same service.  Engstrom said the County should be paying for it.  

The Board, comfortably isolated in their new $52,000+ Boardroom, agreed that if the [1,500+ annual] customers of People's Express wanted to see the service continue, they would have to show up at a Township meeting and attest to their need and to the service's benefits.

The obvious question flew right over their heads.  People's Express' last daily pickups are at 4:30 pm.  Those customers need People's Express to get around.  How will they get to a 7 pm Board meeting?

WHMI Radio News, 93.5 FM, was our source for the Green Oak Township report.