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At the May 5th polls, the following flyer was distributed by a man who refused to identify himself, the source of the flyers, or the source of the funding that paid for the flyers.  . 

You can view the flyer below.





That's it in a nutshell, folks.  Everything is our fault.  Even that two page rewrite of Township history.  And all you Neighbors who live outside the "southwest corner" of the Township?  You don't exist.

What's the status of Meijers' plans today, two boards of trustees later?

Thanks to our FOIA request, you can read Meijers' response to Township Manager Fink's attempt to promote Biltmore's +1400 unit development to Meijers.  It's here in this July, 2014 email exchange....   It looks very civil until you read the following email.  Apparently Meijers was so unimpressed that they didn't reply until Howard begged for a response.